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Equipped with more than 30 years of experience within the development of Marine Infrastructure Industry, our services and know-hows allow us to exert our way to be involved within projects that aimed to improve, develop, expand, or even restore every ports, terminals, quays, and jetties that are scattered across Indonesia.

To support our role as described above, we serve as the official, exclusive sole agent of several respected manufacturers as mentioned below :



  • Marine Rubber Fender
  • Pneumatic Rubber Fender
  • Marine Rubber Ladder


  • Quick Release Mooring Hook
  • Quick Release Towing Hook
  • Freestanding Capstan
  • Berthing Approach System
  • Environmental Monitoring System
  • intelligent Multi-Safety Link


  • Ship Loader and Unloader
  • Stacker and Reclaimer


Furthermore, we also expand our main business, which now encompasses fabrication, mobilization, installation and deployment of Aid to Navigational System Apparatus, which encompasses :

- Polyethylene (PE) Navigational Buoy

- Steel Navigational Buoy

- Steel Mooring Buoy

- Beacon Tower

- Marine Lantern

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service and greater value.  Our associates are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.

Being accountable as one of the largest archipelagic state in the world, Indonesia possess myriads of potential for development of Marine Infrastructures. These are the beneficial realization that we intend to be a part of, an opportunity that we intend to utilize, as well as an advantage that we intend to preserve. With every given circumstances, we shall strive to make the best out of it.


Irawaty Gunawan
Main Director



  • Direktorat Perhubungan Laut, Dumai Project
  • Direktorat Perhubungan Laut-PELINDO IV, Bitung Container Terminal Project
  • Direktorat Perhubungan Laut, Labuan Amuk Project
  • Asahimas Chemical, Marine Facility Project
  • Budi Indah Mulia Mandiri-PELINDO I, Tg.Redep Project
  • Budi Indah Mulia Mandiri-PELINDO I, Bumbulan Project
  • Budi Indah Mulia Mandiri-PELINDO I, Teluk Tapang Project
  • Pembangunan Perumahan-PELINDO II, Bojonegara Port Project
  • Pembangunan Perumahan-PELINDO II, Banten Port Project
  • Pembangunan Perumahan-Dep.Perikanan & Kelautan, Muara Baru Project
  • Pembangunan Perumahan-PELINDO IV, Kariangau Port Project
  • Hess Contractor, Sinar Mas Maspion Terminal II Project
  • Semen Andalas Indonesia, Semen Andalas Jetty Project, Padang
  • Musi Pulp, Musi Pulp Mill Project, Musi, TG.Enim Project, Sumatra Selatan
  • British Petroleum Indonesia, BP Berau Boat Landing Jetty Project
  • Chevron Indonesia, Dumai Jetty Project
  • PT.Waskita Karya-PT.Adhi Karya, Small Port Project (Pak A), LBJ, Menangga, Mritng
  • PT.Pembangunan Perumahan-PT.Nindya Karya, Small Port Project (Pak C), Kur, Ksl,Elt
  • Kertasama Aneka Bangun, Small Port Project (Pak CS), Pam, Mega, Ansus, Atsy, Byn
  • Agrabudi Karyamarga, Hanjung Heavy Industries Jetty Facility Project, Lampung
  • Meta Epsi-PERTAMINA UPMS III Jakarta, Terminal Transit Tg.Manggis Project
  • IKPT-Toyo Engineering-Bontang LNG Project
  • PLN-Sumitomo Corporation-Mitsui Engineering, PLN TG.Jati Project
  • Rinkai Construction-Samudera Indonesia Port Project, TG.Priok Jakarta
  • Nindya Karya-PELINDO IV, Jayapura Port
  • Adhi Karya-PELINDO II, Port of TG.Priok T303-304-305 Refurbishment Project
  • Putri Kencana Power Terminal, PERTAMINA UPMS III Wayame Mooring Facility Project
  • Adhi Karya-PERTAMINA RU-II, Cilacap Jetty extension Project
  • Krakatau Engineering-PERTAMINA UPMS III, TTBBM Bau Bau Project
  • Wijaya Karya-PERTAMINA UPMS III, TG.Sekong LPG Pressurized Jetty Project
  • Pembangunan Perumahan-PELINDO II, Banten Port Extension Project
  • Hutama Karya-Semen Gresik Packing Plant Jetty-Sorong Project
  • Adhi Karya-FeNi-ANTAM-Halmahera Timur Marine Facility Project
  • Wijaya Karya-PELINDO II-TG.Priok-Car Terminal Extention Project